Hi I'm Tejinashi (手品師). Welcome to my homepage. It's very very old..... It's nothing special right now, but it's better than not. ^o^ Please feel free to send any comments or questions to tejinashi _at_ tejinashi.com

Yes, I was actually a speaker at the "First WorldWide Top Hackers Conference 'IS2K' in Seoul Korea" in August of 2000. That was crazy. I asked one of my 'Body Gaurds' if I could get up on the stage and dance, and he ordered the Cyber Babes to go dance with me.

Here is qstat25b compiled for OSX-10.2

Here is qstat25b compiled for OSX-10.2.2

Screenshots Some of my 2 minute 40 frag instagib OSP games. One of them I had 85% accuracy. Rail reload time 1000 milliseconds.

Old stuff below here. Left for historical purposes

Here's some maps that I think are pretty neat.

Here's some mods that I think are pretty neat.

Game Servers! Everyone loves a good server.

I've been hosting game servers for a couple of years now. I'm currently hosting a few servers, some of which are for Team{N}ightmare. Here's a link to the public servers. Private servers are listed there also but you'll need the "sv_privatepassword" to get into those. If you want access to a private server you'll have to make arangements with the contact that's listed on the game servers page. They're on super fast net_connect and the atmosphere is really friendly. We try to keep it that way. If you find that not to be the case, or if you have any problems or issues please notify me. Hope you enjoy them.

Private Servers: I host private game servers as a service. Please contact me for more information. Note: I currently do not host servers that require a Microsoft platform to run unless they are or can be compiled to run on the Windows NT 4.0 Alpha platform. More information on the Alpha architecture can be found at www.compaq.com.

Some times I have a hard time downloading from Sand Piper and the glsetup site is slow, so I put this stuff up here cause it's on an ultra fast above.net connection, and it's online 99.85% of the time. Anyhow, here's some of the things that I find really handy for quakers:

Detonator3 Build 631 drivers for all of Nvidia's cards for Win9x and Windows ME. Nvidia just rocks and that's all there is to it. If you have an Nvidia card and use these you do not need to run glsetup.
Detonator3 Build 650
Glsetup 117 Works Great!
Glsetup 114
Glsetup 107
Q3A Point Release v1.17 They're working on 1.25 but it's gonna be a short while before it's ready.
Q3A Point Release v1.27g Turns out they skipped 1.25 all together and went the 1.27g route. Anyhow here it is. I'm not going to upgrade my servers until the linux point release comes out. Obviously, because as far as Microsoft Goes, I've been an MCSE for years and still am not a believer.
GameSpy 220 I probably won't be updating GameSpy links on this page. PingTool just rocks too much.

My friend Curly recommends PingTool (26aSetup.EXE) over gamespy.

I've got a copy of it here in case that doesn't work. But you should always check www.pingtool.com for the newest version. I did finally get a chance to check out this program, and it rocks. Definately I like the interface better than GameSpy's and it seems to be quite a bit faster at finding what you're looking for too. A definate 'must check out' for the GameSpy user.

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